Discover the Ultimate Luxury: The Best Hotel Pools in Washington State

Discover the Ultimate Luxury: The Best Hotel Pools in Washington State

Welcome to Hosteliest, your foremost source of hotel and travel content. Dive into our latest article detailing the best hotel pools in Washington State. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or planning your first getaway, this guide is your key to unforgettable leisure experiences.

Title: Dive into Relaxation: The Best Hotel Pools in Washington State

Imagine lounging by a poolside, drink in hand, as the sun sets over the striking panorama of Washington State. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Well, pack your swimsuits, because that’s exactly what we’re exploring today! The best hotel pools in Washington State. It’s not just about the location; these pools offer unbeatable views, unique features, and the promise of an unforgettable dip.

A Salish Lodge & Spa – Snoqualmie, WA

Overlooking the stunning Snoqualmie Falls, Salish Lodge & Spa houses one of the most breathtaking hotel pools you could wish for. Here, indoor and outdoor intertwine, promising relaxation with a view. What can beat a soak while taking in the majesty of a waterfall?

B Semiahmoo Resort – Blaine, WA

The Semiahmoo Resort provides not just one, but two options for swimmers. Their indoor saltwater pool is perfect for a leisurely lap, while the outdoor pool is ideal for basking under the Washington sky. Either choice offers fantastic vistas of Drayton Harbor and Semiahmoo Bay.

C The Davenport Grand – Spokane, WA

Located in the heart of downtown Spokane, The Davenport Grand presents an eccentric rooftop pool with a glass floor. Dive in and experience swimming like never before, with city views beneath your feet!

D Four Seasons Hotel – Seattle, WA

The pool at the Four Seasons Hotel in Seattle is nothing short of spectacular. This infinity-edge pool overlooks the Elliott Bay, providing swimmers with uninterrupted views of the water and mountains beyond. At night, the Seattle skyline becomes an enchanting backdrop as you float under the stars.

E Willows Lodge – Woodinville, WA

If you’re a wine lover, Willows Lodge in Woodinville is the place to be. After a day touring the famous Washington wineries, unwind in the relaxing outdoor whirlpool spa. Surrounded by lush greenery, peace, and quiet, it’s the perfect oasis for any visitor.

F Alderbrook Resort & Spa – Union, WA

Nestled on the shores of the Hood Canal, Alderbrook Resort & Spa features an indoor, saltwater pool with panoramic views. Take a swim or relax in the hot tub, while admiring the snow-capped Olympic Mountains in the distance.

As you explore the best hotel pools in Washington State, remember that each offers more than just a swim. They provide a journey of relaxation, surrounded by the stunning beauty that is Washington. But wait, there’s one more pool that you simply cannot miss. A jewel hidden amidst the Washington greenery. Can you guess which one it is? Stick around, we’ll reveal it in our next post!

By seeking out the best hotel pools in Washington State, you’re not only ensuring a refreshing plunge but immersing yourself in an unforgettable experience. To continue this exploration, bookmark this page, and join us as we dive deeper into the wonders of Washington State.

In the end, it’s not just about the best hotel pools; it’s about the memories you make while there. And trust us, these places are not short on memory-making opportunities. Dive in, and let Washington take your breath away.

Diving into Luxury: The Best Hotel Pools in Washington State

Diving into extravagance is as simple as plunging into the best hotel pools in Washington State. A holiday or a weekend getaway is much more than exploring new sights and trying exotic cuisines, it’s also about embracing relaxation and rejuvenation.

The Fairmont Olympic Hotel in Seattle is renowned for its breathtaking architecture and luxurious amenities. Its indoor pool is no exception to this grandeur. The pool area emanates tranquility with minimalistic design and warm illumination. Take a swim here after a day of sightseeing and immerse yourself in sumptuous bliss.

Ever dreamt of swimming on top of the world? The Four Seasons Hotel in Seattle can turn that dream into reality with its striking rooftop pool. Overlooking Elliot Bay and the city skyline, the pool offers an incredible panorama that will turn your swim into an unforgettable experience.

For those seeking serenity amid nature, Willows Lodge in Woodinville houses a beautiful outdoor pool surrounded by lush gardens. The peaceful setting allows guests to unwind from the hustle and bustle, while still enjoying the alluring charm of the destination.

If your travels find you in the heart of downtown Bellevue, do not miss the chance to visit the Hyatt Regency Bellevue. This hotel houses a heated indoor lap pool that promises luxurious comfort regardless of the weather.

Remember, these luxurious hotel pools are more than just about taking a dip, they offer a delightful blend of relaxation, rejuvenation, and stunning views. Whether you’re in the heart of the city or the depths of nature, Washington State ensures you experience luxury at its best.

The Hidden Gems: Unsung Hotel Pools of Washington State

While the well-known hotels often get the most attention, there are a multitude of lesser-known hotels in Washington State with pools that can take your stay to the next level. The Old Tower Inn in Bellingham offers a unique rooftop pool experience overlooking the cityscape. Meanwhile, the Olympic Lodge in Port Angeles boasts an indoor heated pool that can be enjoyed year-round, and is perfect for those chilly days when you want to swim while still being indoors. On the other hand, the Sun Mountain Lodge in Winthrop has a hilltop outdoor pool that provides breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding mountains.

Resort Swimming Havens in Washington State

In Washington State, luxury resorts take pride in their pools as much as their rooms, creating a haven for both relaxation and recreation. For example, the Four Seasons Hotel in Seattle offers an infinity-edge pool on its rooftop, overlooking Elliott Bay and the Olympic Mountains – delivering an unmatched swimming experience. On the other end of the spectrum, the Alderbrook Resort & Spa offers a heated, saltwater pool that brings the rejuvenating powers of the sea indoors. If you’re looking for a resort where the pool is the focal point, these two venues are top contenders.

Refreshing Dips: Outdoor Hotel Pools in Washington State

Washington State is abundant in natural beauty, and many hotels have constructed outdoor pools to allow guests to immerse themselves in this picturesque environment. The Willows Lodge in Woodinville offers a peaceful outdoor pool, set amidst lush landscaping and overlooking scenic river vistas. In the heart of downtown, the Seattle Marriott Waterfront has an outdoor pool that offers refreshing dips with views of the city skyline and waterfront. Whether you’re seeking a tranquil swim in nature or an invigorating plunge amidst the city’s hustle and bustle, Washington State’s outdoor hotel pools cater to every desire.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

“What are the top three hotels with the best swimming pools in Washington State?”

In the beautiful and diverse Washington State, there are numerous luxury hotels with remarkable swimming pools. However, the following three are truly exceptional:

1. Four Seasons Hotel Seattle: Located in downtown Seattle, the Four Seasons Hotel boasts one of the most impressive hotel swimming pools in the state. The scenic infinity pool on the rooftop offers breathtaking views of Elliot Bay and the Puget Sound, making it an oasis of relaxation.

2. Suncadia Resort: Situated in the heart of the Cascade Mountains, this resort features both indoor and outdoor swimming facilities. The waterslide and lazy river at the outdoor swimming complex make it a delight for both children and adults, while the indoor pool offers year-round comfort with its temperature control feature.

3. Alderbrook Resort & Spa: Nestled on the shores of Hood Canal, Alderbrook Resort possesses an exemplary saltwater pool. The large indoor pool is heated and surrounded by windows, offering stunning panoramic views of the captivating landscape surrounding the area.

Each of these hotels provide not only luxurious swimming pools, but also outstanding accommodations and world-class service. They are perfect destinations for those seeking both relaxation and adventure in Washington State.

“Which hotels in Washington State offer the most spectacular pool facilities?”

Sure, here are some hotels in Washington State with spectacular pool facilities:

1. Four Seasons Hotel Seattle: This hotel boasts a beautiful outdoor infinity-edge pool overlooking Elliot Bay. The heated pool offers year-round swimming.

2. The Fairmont Olympic Hotel, Seattle: Offers a gorgeous indoor pool that’s great for swimming laps or just relaxing. The pool area is elegantly styled and the water is always kept at a perfectly warm temperature.

3. Suncadia Resort, Cle Elum: This resort hotel comes with both an indoor and outdoor pool, so no matter what the weather, you’ll be able to enjoy a swim. In addition, there’s also a hot tub and a kid’s splash zone.

4. Tulalip Resort Casino, Marysville: Apart from casino and luxury rooms, it also offers a lavish indoor pool along with an oversized Jacuzzi which is perfect for relaxation.

5. Willows Lodge, Woodinville: While it doesn’t have a traditional pool, it does have a phenomenal outdoor spa pool that offers guests a place to relax and unwind amidst nature.

Remember, amenities at these properties may change or have restrictions due to COVID-19, so it’s always best to contact the hotel directly for the most accurate information.

“Can you recommend the best hotel pools to visit when staying in Washington State?”

Sure, Washington State offers an array of luxurious hotels featuring magnificent pools. Here are my top recommendations:

1. Four Seasons Hotel Seattle: This hotel is renowned for its resort-like outdoors infinity pool, set against the stunning backdrop of the Puget Sound. Heated and available to guests year-round, it’s the perfect spot to unwind after a day of exploring Seattle.

2. Willows Lodge: Nestled in Washington’s wine country, Woodinville, this rustic lodge provides a tranquil, heated relaxation pool that offers a serene environment among the beautiful Pacific Northwest scenery.

3. Alderbrook Resort & Spa: Situated on the scenic shores of Hood Canal, Alderbrook boasts a stunning indoor swimming pool with an amazing water view. The glass walls surrounding the heated pool provide an immersive experience amid nature.

4. The Fairmont Olympic Hotel: Located in the heart of Seattle, this historic hotel features an impressive indoor pool described as an ‘urban oasis’. With a spa, sauna, and fitness center attached, it’s the perfect place for relaxation or exercise.

5. Suncadia Resort: Found in Cle Elum, this resort is home to both an outdoor pool and hot tub, as well as an indoor pool at its state-of-the-art Swim & Fitness Center. With stunning views of the Cascade Mountains, it’s truly a unique swimming experience.

Remember each hotel might have different access policies for their pools. It’s always wise to check with the hotel during your reservation process. Enjoy dipping into these amazing hotel pools in Washington State!

In conclusion, Washington state boasts some of the most splendid hotel pools, each offering unique settings and experiences. From heated outdoor pools surrounded by breathtaking landscapes to indoor aquatic paradises, the wide range of options is truly impressive. Whether you’re seeking an urban retreat at Four Seasons Hotel Seattle or a tranquil getaway at The Lodge at Suncadia, these distinctive destinations offer something for everyone. So, next time you visit Washington, consider staying at one of these hotels and soak up the luxury that their world-class pools have to offer. Enjoy your travel, explore new horizons, and make every swim a memorable experience!


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