Buck Inn Bar, Doyle, California, USA

Buck Inn Bar, Doyle, California, USA

Buck Inn Bar, is a beautiful hotel located in Doyle, California, USA. Buck Inn Bar is one of our recommended establishments in Hosteliest.com in Doyle, California, USA .

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Buck Inn Bar, Doyle, California, USA

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Buck Inn Bar – – is part of our Hotels in California directory.

  • Rating: according to users 4.6 out of 5.
  • Buck Inn Bar has a total of 122 Reviews.
  • Address: 141-153 Doyle Loop, Doyle, CA 96109, United States
  • City: Doyle, California, USA
  • Country: US
  • Email address: –
  • Phone: +1 530-827-2354
  • Website: m.facebook.com

Reviews and Ratings about Buck Inn Bar

[su_quote]David Weingarten Rating: 5/5
A nice little hole in the wall bar in Doyle. They do serve food there. More than anything the servers/ bartenders, give the place a great atmosphere. It$0027s also nice to see a bar serve Porter beer on tap.[/su_quote]
[su_quote]Danielle Thompson Rating: 5/5
The Buck Inn Bar is WONDERFUL!!! It took me back to a place and time in history where townsmen were more than neighbors. They were family!, The Buck Inn, located in the town of Doyle, CA is approx. 45 min northwest of Reno, NV. It has an authentic rustic appeal with all it$0027s wooden amenities. Large and spacious inside with a jukebox 2 bar size pool tables, a shuffle board game, a dance floor and a stage to host live music. Of course, that is all in addition to the tables and chairs where the patrons sit to drink., AND, how many bars do u know with a back yard?, Yes! I said a back yard! A large one, at that. There is a BBQ pit with accompanying picnic tables, a fire pit, a fußball table and 4 horse shoe tosses., Best of all, everyone is so friendly! You$0027ll feel right at home. Really, you could spend the whole day there having fun. Socializing, playing games, barbecuing, dancing and drinking all in a day at the Buck Inn Bar., Just remember not to drink and drive. If you$0027ve had a few too many, you can stagger down the road about 50 feet to the Doyle Hotel (which is another wonderful place and story of it$0027s own!)[/su_quote]
[su_quote]Jason Rating: 4/5
Cool place to stop on ride for some refreshments[/su_quote]

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Opening hours

Friday, 11am to 2am
Saturday, 11am to 2am
Sunday, 11am to 2am
Monday, 11am to 2am
Tuesday, 11am to 2am
Wednesday, 11am to 2am
Thursday (Thanksgiving), 11am to 2am, Hours might differ

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