Commerce Casino, Commerce, California, USA

Commerce Casino, Commerce, California, USA

Commerce Casino, is a wonderful hotel located in Commerce, California, USA. Commerce Casino is one of our recommended establishments in in Commerce, California, USA .

Commerce Casino

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Commerce Casino, Commerce, California, USA

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Hotel and casino offering poker, blackjack and other table games, plus a sports bar and dining. – – Be part of our directory of Hotels in Alabama.

  • Rating: according to users 3.9 out of 5.
  • Commerce Casino has a total of 3,279 Reviews.
  • Address: 6131 Telegraph Rd, Commerce, CA 90040, United States
  • City: Commerce, California, USA
  • Country: US
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Phone: +1 323-721-2100
  • Website:

Reviews and Ratings about Commerce Casino

[su_quote]Kimberly Weathers Rating: 1/5
I booked a 5 night stay back in the middle of September for the last part of October 2021. The key elements that won me over was first and foremost the “casino” I$0027m a gambler so I was excited but it stated there was a rooftop pool that was open, a spa and a “Vegas style” buffet in this 4 star hotel so spending almost $800 for 5nights seemed reasonable! Boy was I in for a surprise and not a good one! What was supposed less than 30min from the airport turned out to be almost 50mins $95 in an Uber. Upon arrival I was told there was only 2 of the 4 restaurants open for business which 1 was actually a Cafe that was only opened from 6am to 11am the other was food from the bar area. There were no vending machines AT ALL in this hotel and the only store in the area was a gas station. The rooms although clean for the most part were very outdated and needed serious remodeling. The 2 complimentary bottles of water that were in the room, one had been opened and drank out of. I had to request face towels and was told if I wanted housekeeping I would have to request it. WHAT? I inquire about the pool and was told it$0027s been closed for almost 3 months for remodeling nor was the spa accessible but that was not specified when booking. THE BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT WAS WHAT THEY CONSIDERED TO BE A CASINO ???????? IT WAS THE LARGEST CARD ROOM I HAD EVER SEEN BUT THAT WAS IT! NO SLOTS WHAT SO EVER, THEY$0027RE NOT EVEN LEGAL IN LA COUNTY WHICH WAS TOLD TO ME BY ONE OF THE SECURITY GUARDS!!! MY ENTIRE TRIP WAS RUINED! I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE ESPECIALLY FOR THE AMOUNT THEY$0027RE ASKING FOR!!![/su_quote]
[su_quote]Jenn Quazza Rating: 4/5
Tables were packed throughout, I felt safe with the amount of security on the premise. Retreated to the bar seats, ordered kabobs and refreshments.[/su_quote]
[su_quote]James Donaldson Rating: 2/5
This was a trap…it said “CASINO” Huge and in english. It definitely convinced me there was something better than the I-5 was offering. WRONG!!!! ALL ASIAN and I have o idea what they are playing. It must be paying though3[/su_quote]

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Opening hours

Tuesday, Open 24 hours; Wednesday, Open 24 hours; Thursday, Open 24 hours; Friday, Open 24 hours; Saturday, Open 24 hours; Sunday, Open 24 hours; Monday, Open 24 hours

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