Nursing Assistant School in Miami

Nursing Assistant School in Miami

Find the best Nursing Assistant school in Miami and get your certificate to work in patient care. This is a highly demanded service in recent years in the United States given the impossibility of relatives caring for their loved ones, which is why they turn to this type of professionals who usually work for hours. If you are interested in getting certified in this field, look at where you can study to obtain your license.

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Find the best Nursing Assistant school in Miami

FVI School Nursing and Technology

This school offers its students the possibility to become certified as a CNA or Nursing Assistant in Miami. To do this, the members of the program must undergo a course that consists of two parts: the fundamental concepts of patient care and the development of supervised practice. The first consists of a 75-hour course where you will learn how to take vital signs, how to bathe and feed patients, medical ethics, health law, and special care.

The second part of the course establishes a supervised practice in which your knowledge will be tested in a real environment, be it a hospital or nursing home. This will require completing a total of 40 hours of internships. To register, you only have to go to the website and fill out the form offered by the website.

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Florida Board of Nursing

Offers training to certify participants as Nursing Assistants in Miami. As in other schools, at the Florida Board of Nursing, students must complete a practical theoretical course that will prepare them to take an exam through which they will obtain their certificate. To pass, in addition to obtaining the minimum score on the exam, they must complete an internship that the school will determine location and duration.

Those interested in completing the program at this nursing assistant school in Miami or CNA Miami must fill out the form on their website and meet the minimum requirements. approved high school, no prior experience necessary.

Nursing and Health Services Certificate at Florida National University

Florida National University is a nursing assistant school in Miami that offers different specializations in this area, which allows the professional to climb higher if desired. In this, the student will be able to pursue a bachelor’s degree in nursing after completing his course.

Its programs have a duration of 16 weeks and a theoretical-practical development that will require taking two face-to-face classes each quarter. The beauty of this nursing school is that they accept transfer credits so if you are coming from another school you won’t have to start from scratch. Likewise, if required, the student may apply for partial or total scholarships, depending on their possibilities. To register you must go to the website.

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