School for the blind in Miami FL

School for the blind in Miami FL

Visual impairment is one of the most limiting conditions for the human era, the fact of not perceiving our environment through the sense of sight is devastating for many. In the case of children born with this disability, it is essential to guide their education so that they can be functional adults. This is how the great work of Lighthouse for the Blind, the school for the blind in Miami Fl, is a fundamental support for the lives of hundreds of children who receive therapy and the necessary training for their daily development in this center.

This school and foundation has been operating in the city of Miami for more than 90 years and has become the example of the state of Florida, thanks to the fact that it channels difficult and special cases, transforming the history of each child who approaches its headquarters. Learn more about this school for the blind in Miami Fl and find out how they can help you.

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What kind of education do they offer at the school for the blind in Miami Florida?

Lighthouse for the Blind’s work with children is extraordinary. Newspaper and news stories have reviewed its teaching methodology throughout the 9 decades it has been operating.

Its methodology is integrative, which guarantees that children with visual disabilities can function independently in a daily environment and even prepares them to socialize with children without visual disabilities, promoting inclusive values ​​such as respect and diversity.

In this way, children with disabilities learn not to be afraid of their surroundings, to be more independent and to use technological resources to facilitate their learning and daily development.

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Types of therapies offered

Children can enter this school for the blind in Miami Fl from the preschool stage since it is crucial for the psychomotor and psychosocial development of every child. In this, children learn to develop the sense of touch and hearing to implement more advanced skills such as reading and writing in Braille method, as well as the use of the cane to wander in external areas.

It also includes sensory, psychological, social and cognitive therapy.

One of the most important aspects of the Miami Fl Lighthouse for the Blind school is that it allows children without visual impairment to be integrated into the program to create an inclusive environment and provide values ​​to children from the earliest stage.

School for visually impaired adults

In addition to being a school for children and promoting early integration programs, Lighthouse for the Blind offers classes for adults who have just faced this disability so that they learn tools that allow them to be more independent, study, socialize and even work.

Every year the foundation opens campaigns to integrate volunteers and raise funds to pay for therapies, teachers, infrastructure expenses and services. For this reason they have continued to provide services for more than 90 years and invite all people who wish to collaborate with their cause or as volunteers to find out at their headquarters or through their website how they can collaborate so that the school for the blind in Miami Fl continue to benefit more children and adults.

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