3 Star Hotels in Delhi near New Delhi Railway Station

3 Star Hotels in Delhi near New Delhi Railway Station

Who has not heard of the majestic palaces and historical buildings present in New Delhi, India? India is undoubtedly a country with a very original culturevaried landscapes, buildings of great beauty and size, but let’s not forget how friendly its population is.

However, although they do not provide a large number of options to choose from near New Delhi railway station, we have selected the best 3-star hotels that are located near this area. Let’s get started!

Hotel Emporio Near New Delhi Railway Station

We cannot start this list without first admitting that we have been amazed by the beauty of the rooms of this hotel. Its decoration, the choice of led lights to contrast with the clothing on the beds, really makes you feel like you are entering a 3 star hotel in New Delhi.

All rooms have a desk, a flat-screen TV, free WiFi service, bed linen, towels, a private bathroom and you can request room service whenever you need it. Since, the reception is available to attend to your requests 24 hours and the employees speak fluent English.

With an approximate score of 8.9, it becomes a hotel worth visiting during your trip to New Delhi. In another sense, it also has a meeting room, banquethas a center for business, banquets and an ATM that you can use in case you need cash.

Hotel Baba Deluxe -By RCG Hotels

Do you like hotels with city views? Then you will love this one, since it has a balcony that will allow you to admire the entire panorama of New Delhi while you enjoy your breakfast or drink a delicious cup of coffee before leaving to discover the wonders of this beautiful city.

Without forgetting the fact that it is located so only 5 minutes from the train station, which guarantees a privileged location to get to know the rest of the city without having to travel long distances. But better yet, Indira Gandhi International Airport is just a 5-minute drive away.

In another sense, the rooms are quite comfortable, they receive room service 24 hours a day, they have totally free parkingthey provide airport transfer, the staff speaks English and Hindi, you can ask for your daily newspaper at the reception and you have the possibility to organize your day with the help of tourist advisors.

Ritz Hotel

Are you a bit undecided about the destinations you want to visit in New Delhi, India? Don’t worry! Because if you choose this hotel as your lodging site, you will have access to advice from tourism professionals and you can organize your daily itinerary with their help.

In addition to this, there is a free parking service, without the need for a prior reservation to enjoy it, it has an outdoor fireplace, a terrace, the Hindi and English speaking staff and the reception is available at all hours of the day and night.

Its rooms are exceptional, with a decoration that reminds you that you are truly in India, with a living room, private bathroom, air conditioning, safe and many more elements that they will make your stay a delight.

Although we all know the conditions in which India is currently, the problem of the Covid-19 pandemic and other factors that may not make it so attractive for international tourists, the truth is that It is a destination that you cannot missyou will be amazed with its beauty!

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