Experience Luxury: The Top 10 Best Rooftop Pool Hotels in Los Angeles

Experience Luxury: The Top 10 Best Rooftop Pool Hotels in Los Angeles

Welcome to Hosteliest, your go-to resource for all things travel and hotel-related. Today, we’re diving into the glamour and sun-soaked luxury of Los Angeles, exploring the best rooftop pool hotels this vibrant city has to offer. Sit back, relax, and let’s make a splash together!

Title: The Best Rooftop Pool Hotels in Los Angeles

Are you searching for the best rooftop pool hotels in Los Angeles? Your search ends here. Dive into our expertly curated guide as we unveil LA’s most coveted rooftop pool experiences. But first, let’s answer a burning question: why should these hotels be on your bucket list?

Rooftop pools are more than just a place to swim; they offer breathtaking views of LA’s skyline, a perfect backdrop for memorable sunsets, and a unique perspective of the City of Angels. Sounds inviting, doesn’t it? Stick around, because we are about to dive into the top picks.

The Standard, Downtown LA

Welcome to the cradle of the rooftop bar scene in Los Angeles! The Standard is not only one of the best rooftop pool hotels in Los Angeles, it’s the place where the trend started. Here, expect a heated swimming pool, vibrant waterbed pods, and a panoramic view of the downtown area.

The NoMad Hotel

Revel in the grandeur of The NoMad Hotel’s rooftop pool while soaking up the Californian sun. Housed in a restored, historical building, the hotel offers a rooftop view that perfectly marries old world elegance with new age charm.

1 Hotel West Hollywood

Visit 1 Hotel West Hollywood for a conscious luxury experience. Its rooftop pool will gift you with an unrivaled view of Hollywood Hills. The aesthetic here is modern meets eco-friendly, making it not only one of the best rooftop pool hotels in LA but also one of the greenest.

Kimpton Hotel Wilshire

This boutique hotel punches above its weight when it comes to its rooftop pool offering. The Kimpton Hotel Wilshire delivers an intimate experience, with views of the Hollywood sign in the backdrop. Simply enchanting!

The London West Hollywood

For a bit of British sophistication mixed with LA glam, be sure to visit the rooftop pool at The London West Hollywood. This pool is the quintessence of luxury and offers stunning views of the city skyline.


Unquestionably, Los Angeles hosts some of the world’s most fabulous rooftop pool hotels, each offering unique experiences and vantage points of the city. From downtown LA to Hollywood Hills, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting the best rooftop pool hotels in Los Angeles.

But there’s more! If you think our deep dive ends here, you are mistaken. We have an insider’s list of secret rooftop pool hotels in Los Angeles that outshine even the best. To access this exclusive information, stay tuned for our upcoming posts!

Remember, when planning your LA getaway, ensure these rooftop pool hotels are on your itinerary. Trust us, you won’t regret it!

Discover the Top Rooftop Pool Hotels in Los Angeles: The Ultimate Urban Escape

When it comes to luxuriating under the Californian sun, there’s no place quite like Los Angeles. The city of angels is not only famous for its impeccable lifestyle and Hollywood glamour but also for its quintessential rooftop pool hotels that provide the ultimate urban escape.

Start your LA adventure with the iconic Andaz West Hollywood. This avant-garde hotel boasts a dazzling rooftop pool with breath-taking views of the Sunset Strip. The pool area is framed by luxurious cabanas where you can unwind in style.

Next, immerse yourself in the world of opulence at the SLS Hotel. Its Altitude Pool offers panoramic views of Beverly Hills while you bask in the water sipping on a hand-crafted cocktail from their exclusive pool bar.

Experience the epitome of Hollywood luxury at the The London West Hollywood. The hotel features a charming rooftop pool overlooking the stunning cityscape of Los Angeles. Whether you want to sunbath by the water or enjoy a casual brunch, this elegant haven has got you covered.

Another exceptional choice is the Kimpton Everly Hotel. Located in the heart of Hollywood, the hotel’s fifth-floor offers an impressive rooftop pool. Enjoy an intimate evening under the starlit sky complemented by the mesmerizing city lights.

The Hotel Figueroa is a historic establishment in downtown LA that takes you back in time. Its idyllic rooftop pool, accentuated by exotic palm trees and an outdoor fireplace, creates a perfect setting for relaxation.

For a taste of the high life, visit the The Standard Downtown LA. With its vibrant colors, groovy music, and a trendy crowd, the hotel’s rooftop pool is a fantastic place for a fun-filled day out.

Each of these hotels offers its unique approach to luxury and comfort. From panoramic views of the city skyline to poolside service, these rooftop pool hotels in Los Angeles are truly the ultimate urban escape.

Experiencing the High Life: Top 3 Rooftop Pool Hotels in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, “The City of Angels”, is renowned for its Hollywood glamour, fashionable shopping, and golden beaches. However, one feature that often gets overlooked is their remarkable collection of rooftop pool hotels. Among them, three stands out, namely The Standard Downtown LA, The London West Hollywood, and Kimpton Hotel Wilshire.

Detailed Reviews of Each Hotel’s Rooftop Pool

The Standard Downtown LA has a panoramic view of the city. The hotel’s rooftop pool deck is lushly adorned with waterbeds, and a Biergarten. Day or night, the atmosphere remains vibrant with DJs playing music, and cocktail services running round the clock.

The London West Hollywood, nestled in the heart of West Hollywood, offers an exclusive, sophisticated experience. The heated rooftop pool is surrounded by luxury cabanas and a beautiful garden, providing the utmost elegance while you take a dip. Their top-notch service is truly reminiscent of British hospitality.

Kimpton Hotel Wilshire is your go-to destination if you want a mix of luxury and comfort. The rooftop pool, complemented by stunning views of the Hollywood Hills, is simply breathtaking. The modern decor, fire pit, and poolside bar add to the overall lavish milieu.

Tips on Making the Most Out of Your Rooftop Pool Experience

To make the most of these rooftop pools, consider visiting during weekdays when it’s less crowded. You will have more space to relax and enjoy the view. In addition, most of these hotels offer poolside services, so don’t hesitate to treat yourself to a refreshing cocktail or a rejuvenating spa service. Finally, don’t forget to capture those exquisite views and post them on your social media. After all, what’s a rooftop pool stay in LA if it’s not Instagram-worthy?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

“What are the top three hotels with rooftop pools in Los Angeles?”

The London West Hollywood at Beverly Hills is certainly one of the top hotels with a rooftop pool in Los Angeles. This hotel not only provides breathtaking views of LA and Beverly Hills, but also offers a chic and trendy poolside setting. Complete with lush, cabana-lined pool, it sets the standard for any urban resort.

Another top notch option is The Kimpton Everly Hotel. Located one block from the Hollywood Walk of Fame, this hotel’s rooftop pool comes with unbeatable panoramic views of Hollywood and downtown Los Angeles. The poolside lounge area is ideal for relaxing and sunbathing, providing a real taste of the Hollywood lifestyle.

Finally, The Ritz-Carlton, Los Angeles can’t be overlooked when talking about top-tier hotels with rooftop pools in LA. Positioned in the heart of downtown, this hotel offers a glamorous rooftop heated swimming pool which is surrounded by cabanas. The dramatic views of the LA skyline from the pool are an instagrammer dream.
Those looking for luxury, won’t be disappointed.

“Which hotels in Los Angeles offer the best rooftop pool experiences?”

Los Angeles, well known for its year-round sunshine and entertainment industry, boasts a number of luxury hotels that provide exceptional rooftop pool experiences. The following are some of the best ones to consider:

1. The Standard Downtown LA: This iconic establishment features a heated rooftop pool with stunning panoramic views of downtown Los Angeles. The hotel’s pool area is also equipped with a bar, restaurant, and vibrating waterbed pods for a uniquely relaxing experience.

2. The Hollywood Roosevelt: Offering a distinct blend of vintage glamor and modern luxury, this historic hotel features a picturesque rooftop pool and lounge area. A hotspot for celebrities and tourists alike, the Tropicana Pool Cafe provides a perfect backdrop for soaking up the Californian sun.

3. The London West Hollywood: Offering unrivaled panoramic views of LA, the rooftop pool at this luxurious hotel is complemented by private cabanas, a spacious sundeck, and a full-service bar. It’s an ideal spot for both relaxation and poolside parties.

4. The W Hollywood: This trendy hotel offers a sleek rooftop pool experience with VIP cabanas, a cocktail bar, and a glowing pool which adds an ambient touch to your evenings.

5. The SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills: This hotel’s rooftop pool offers breathtaking views of the Los Angeles skyline. With secluded cabanas, a lounge, and a Hyde Kitchen + Cocktails, it offers a chic and intimate experience.

Each of these hotels offers unique, high-end amenities and stunning views, making them some of the best rooftop pool experiences in Los Angeles.

“Can you recommend the best hotels featuring rooftop pools in Los Angeles and why?”

Sure, Los Angeles, home of Hollywood, offers an exquisite range of hotels with rooftop pools that provide a perfect setting for relaxation and amusement. Here are my top recommendations:

1. The Standard: Located in Downtown LA, The Standard hotel is known for its trendy vibrant atmosphere and its heated rooftop pool. The pool area includes a bar, comfortable loungers, a dance floor, and stunning views of the city skyline.

2. The London West Hollywood: Nestled in the heart of West Hollywood, this hotel boasts a spectacular rooftop pool offering panoramic views of LA. Besides the aesthetic appeal, they also offer private luxury cabanas for optimum relaxation.

3. The SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills: This is a perfect blend of luxury and comfort. Their rooftop pool with chic décor, plush loungers, and a breathtaking view of the Hollywood hills makes it a must-visit spot.

4. 1 Hotel West Hollywood: It stands out for its commitment to sustainability. The rooftop pool is surrounded by lush greenery, offering a gorgeous view of LA, and their menu is built around locally sourced ingredients.

5. Kimpton Everly Hotel: Located in Hollywood, this hotel houses a stunning rooftop pool that provides mesmerizing views of the Hollywood sign and the city. It’s complemented by an excellent poolside service.

These hotels not only provide a dip with a view but guarantee a unique experience as they seamlessly merge outdoor fun with exquisite luxury accommodations. Overlooking the city, these rooftop pools add a dash of glamour to your stay in the City of Angels.

In conclusion, Los Angeles is a treasure trove of rooftop pool hotels that promise not just a lavish restful stay but also exceptional views and extraordinary pools. The city’s skyline, coupled with its immaculate weather, lends itself remarkably to luxurious rooftop experiences that remain unmatched. From the sophistication of The SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills to the modern charm of The Highlight Room at Dream Hollywood, you’re spoilt for choices when it comes to selecting a rooftop pool hotel for your next stay in LA. It all boils down to what suits your personal preference and budget. Make sure to remember these spots when planning your next trip. The perfect blend of luxury and leisure awaits you in Los Angeles.


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