Five-star hotels in New York City near Central Park

Five-star hotels in New York City near Central Park

Do you know what the stars mean in hotels? These give you a summary idea of ​​the quality of services, facilities and other aspects that a hosting site has. So, the five star hotels in New York City near Central Park will be great for you.

Each star determines its level of comfort, that is, a five-star hotel represents a superior status in comfort and care for its customers. Below we present the five-star hotels that we have found most favorable for you.

1 Central Park Hotel

Are you wondering how this hotel is rated by the public? Well, it has a fabulous 8.8, which means it’s a pretty good alternative to stay for a long period of time. Not forgetting the fact that it is a 5 star hotel.

One of the most striking elements of this hotel is its original color, modern furniture and elegant decoration. Since, they provide an aura of relaxation, freshness and makes it a very pleasant place to visit. Without forgetting its rooms, which are comfortable and spacious.

You can stay in the company of your pets at no additional charge, you will have the possibility to admire beautiful views of the city from any window of the hotel, staff speak English, Spanish, French and Italianthere is a cafeteria on the premises with a wide variety of dishes to choose from and a gym with a personal trainer.

The Pierre, A Taj Hotel, New York

Do you want to travel to New York City accompanied by your whole family, including your pet? Then The Pierre will be an excellent alternative for you. With an incredible picnic area, a beautiful terrace with views of the city and a luxury restaurant to taste exceptional dishesBeing here will be a delight.

With a score of 8.7, it has become one of the favorite places to stay for travelers who just want to take a walk and discover new york city and their different destinations.

As for its rooms, they maintain the same luxurious atmosphere that characterizes the rest of the facilities. They have a bathtub, private bathroom, adaptable air conditioning systemflat screen TV, wardrobe, refrigerator and much more.

Trump International New York

Who has not heard of the acclaimed hotel belonging to the Trump organization? famous for his privileged location, luxury rooms, high-level spaces and the beautiful decoration and general concept that this hotel has. Which has given it a rating from the public of 8.9.

It has a very beautiful indoor pool, a terrace from which you can admire all the beauty that is attributed to the city of New York. You may stay with your petsparking service for vehicles, a restaurant with special menus every day and a bar are provided.

Let’s finish talking about its rooms, these have huge windows from where you can admire all the beauty and magic of the city. Also, it has a well-equipped kitchenette, bathroom with marble decoration, 55-inch flat screen TV and dining table.

The truth is that a five-star hotel will always be the best lodging alternative in a city so eccentric and shocking like New York and, we hope that this information will help you make the best decision.

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