Natural Bridge Hotel, Lynn, Alabama, USA

Natural Bridge Hotel, Lynn, Alabama, USA

Natural Bridge Hotel, is a wonderful hotel located in Lynn, Alabama, USA. Natural Bridge Hotel is one of our recommended establishments in in Lynn, Alabama, USA .

Natural Bridge Hotel

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Natural Bridge Hotel, Lynn, Alabama, USA

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  • Rating: according to users 1.5 out of 5.
  • Natural Bridge Hotel has a total of 11 Reviews.
  • Address: 25308 AL-5, Lynn, AL 35575, United States
  • City: Lynn, Alabama, USA
  • Country: US
  • Email address: –
  • Phone: +1 205-486-5261
  • Website:

Reviews and Ratings about Natural Bridge Hotel

[su_quote]Peggy McQuay Rating: 1/5
DO NOT STAY HERE!!! You and your family, are NOT safe here!!! The *manager* is a Registered Sex Offender (His victim was a 8 year old girl!!!), and it is NOT posted anywhere!!! There are multiple Sex Offenders, living at this motel!! This motel has A LOT of Drugs and Prostitution!! The manager is a HATEFUL person, and likes to BULLY his tenants!!! He spies on his tenants!! He tells other tenants, your personal business!! He will try to CHEAT YOU, out of your deposit!!! IF you are living there, he WILL do his best to TRICK you into paying for the month, and he will NOT give you a rent receipt, IF you give him a months rent!! He ONLY gives you a receipt, one time a week, even though you paid for a month!! I started paying weekly, and getting my receipt, EVERY time I paid my rent!! IF you are overweight, the manager will make RUDE comments about you being overweight!! He has a few favorite tenants, that he permits to break his rules, and does NOTHING about it!! He monitors your company, to the point you CAN$0027T have company, but ONLY 1 HOUR PER DAY!!! There is NO Hot water, MOST of the time!! In order to have SOME hot water, you have to take a shower at 2 or 3 AM!! There are BUGS, in some of the rooms!! There is NO laundry room, and you ARE responsible for washing the bed linens, and towels!! You ARE responsible for cleaning your own room!!! There is NO maid service!! There is NO cable TV, just a digital converter box, that only displays a few channels!!! There are NO phones, in the rooms!!! Most of the smoke detectors have been either removed, or silenced!! The manager frowns upon a functioning smoke detector, and really makes a fuss about placing or repairing a smoke detector!! There are NO fire extingushers, and NO fire safety plans posted!!! The manager is raising FISH, in the unused swimming pool!! (In the summer, the stagnated water in the pool, will lead to the breeding of Mosquitos, and they carry diseases!!!) You are NOT allowed to have Pets, but the manager has Dogs!! This motel NEEDS to be SHUT DOWN, for good!!! I really do NOT know how this place is staying open for business!! The HEALTH, FIRE, SAFETY, and BUILDING CODES, are being VIOLATED here!! Also.. you CAN$0027T pay the motel with a credit or debit card!!! He takes CASH ONLY!!! (that is suspicious, to me!) Take Note… IF you do NOT have a vehicle, you are screwed!!! ** Do yourselves a favor.. just PLEASE.. DO NOT STAY HERE IN THIS DUMP!!! IT IS NOT A SAFE PLACE.. ESPECIALLY FOR CHILDREN!!! **[/su_quote]
[su_quote]Alexis the delphox XD (lexi) Rating: 1/5
When this motel was ran by my precious grandparents, it was so nice there , I spent many hours of fun in the pool , and helping the housekeepers clean the rooms . The owners then in the 70s were good people called the Lindleys. So sad to see a piece of my childhood gone and taken over by filth ! No wonder there are no pictures on this site or they$0027re Facebook. Because they know how bad it truly is . Very sad to see a landmark go to hell this way .[/su_quote]
[su_quote]Christopher Brashier Rating: 1/5
Words cannot adequately decribe how awful this place is. Do NOT stay here. It is unsafe for you and your children. God help you if you are overweight as the manager will make comments about it. Also possible prostitution and drug activities.[/su_quote]

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