Bent Creek Lodge, Jachin, Alabama, USA

Bent Creek Lodge, Jachin, Alabama, USA

Bent Creek Lodge, is a beautiful hotel located in Jachin, Alabama, USA. Bent Creek Lodge is one of our recommended establishments in in Jachin, Alabama, USA .

Bent Creek Lodge

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Bent Creek Lodge, Jachin, Alabama, USA

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Bent Creek Lodge – – Be part of our directory of Hotels in Alabama.

  • Rating: according to users 4.6 out of 5.
  • Bent Creek Lodge has a total of 11 Reviews.
  • Address: 843 Co Rd 32, Jachin, AL 36910, United States
  • City: Jachin, Alabama, USA
  • Country: US
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Phone: +1 205-398-3040
  • Website:

Reviews and Ratings about Bent Creek Lodge

[su_quote]Daniel Davis Rating: 5/5
If you are seeking five-star, elegant accommodations in rural, west-central Alabama, Bent Creek Lodge is your place. The 24-hour butler service was a fantastic amenity, as was the personal chef at our disposal in our two-bedroom penthouse suite., , My wife was especially fond of the rooftop pool and the hot stone massage therapy offered in the spa. Beyond all else, the cosmopolitan atmosphere, classy staff, and indoor plumbing were all unexpected delights. This is, without a doubt, the place to stay while visiting nearby Intercourse – a hidden gem of true Alabama culture.[/su_quote]
[su_quote]Bruce Burton Rating: 5/5
Out standing service and very hospitable . Great hunting ,great food and lodging. Highly recommend (5 star )[/su_quote]
[su_quote]Coweta Landscaping And Design Rating: 1/5
Don’t do business with this outfit I booked last year before Turkey season and sent them a check for half of the deposit that was required and I completely under there terms were no refundable deposit and I understand that because people book huts and do back out a lot and ok so they received my check deposit and was ready to hunt and go on my booked turkey hunt and then bam ?? it of no where did I see what happened next in my Life I received call that my mother passed away and my heart stopped that day it was just few days before being on my booked hunt and I called and spoke to man that worked in the office and explain what has happened and he told me that he was going to talk with owners about giving my refund money back and I really appreciated that and told the gentleman that I was very thankful and then I never heard anything back from this outfit and never got my check back or refund check and you know being that I lost my mother and I was just about to go on this hunt I made sure that talking with them at bent creek lodge that I would not even won’t to go there and hunt there and not anything against them it’s just something that did not go to good in my heart I just wanted my money back and that’s what was going to happen in 2019 and never got my money and you know what money comes and goes and if this outfit can treat another hunter this way after losing there mother I sure would not use this outfit never again now I am going to not stop here with this I am contacting bbb and a lawyer and going to post what happened on all pages and forums about this company until they send my money to me and do the right thing as a human being and hunter and I will post the pictures of paperwork that was filled out along with my check deposit so let’s see what happens from here everyone…[/su_quote]

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