Language school for children in Miami

Language school for children in Miami

Encouraging our children to learn a second or third language is one of the best decisions we can make. A language school for children in Miami will strengthen your learning and raise your IQ, as well as prepare you to study abroad in the future. In this sense, if the idea excites you and you still don’t know where you can learn an extra language in person, we will introduce you to a school that will surely meet your expectations. This is Berlitz, a school with a presence in 4 countries and more than 20 years in the educational market.


Berlitz: language school for children in Miami Florida

In Miami you will find very few schools to learn a second language at an early age. Although if it is Spanish, you will probably find private classes everywhere. But if the idea is to learn French, Spanish or both, this school is ideal because it has native teachers, interaction rooms and a successful learning methodology that is based on the student’s immersion in the language for their accelerated development.

This school has a long history and more than 10 different languages ​​to teach. including French, German, Russian, Spanish, Mandarin, Korean, Italian, Portuguese and more. If you are interested in knowing more about its program for children, we will explain it to you below.

Kids and Teens Program

This program offers face-to-face courses at its Coral Gables headquarters and also online courses in Spanish, English, French, among others at different times. The modalities can be private, group or online. They also have an after school program that allows children to take classes at unconventional times to combine with their school obligations.

Both face-to-face and online classes are interactive, fun and structured according to the age of the students. We work in small groups according to age to guarantee connection and teamwork in all sessions. The courses last between 10 to 20 weeks, depending on the level at which you start and the speed of your progress.

Languages ​​you can study at Berlitz Miami

This is one of the most diverse language schools for children in Miami that you will find. In its online version, they offer classes in more than 50 languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Korean, Japanese and Arabic. While at its Coral Gables location the options are more limited and dependent on availability.

language Academy

Payment Methods

One of the facilities offered by the language school for children in Miami is the payment plans to which you can apply. Depending on the course or modality you take, you can pay in 2, 3 and up to 4 installments. Of course, paying for the full course the school makes a significant discount that is worth taking.

To learn more about the programs, payment plans and services of this language school for children in Miami, you can visit their website where they keep their information and online courses updated.

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