Security guard school in Miami

Security guard school in Miami

If you are attracted to being a detective or security guard and you would like to practice this profession in Miami, then do not think too much about it and start your training in a security school in Miami as soon as possible. Currently there are several that offer excellent valid courses to obtain the license that is needed to practice.

In the State of Florida, all persons who wish to work in this field must obtain a D license, which allows guarding without a firearm; the G license that allows the use of a firearm; and even if they want to be escorts, they must take a particular course that instructs them in protecting victims, first aid, among others. Here we leave you several recommendations about where you can take your training and request your certification.

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The best security school in Miami

Florida Security School

It is the most recognized security school in Miami and the best reference you will find to apply for your license as a guard or detective. Its academic offer is wide, you can obtain your class D or class G license in just 1 week.

The courses are intensive but you can adapt your schedule to the classes and if you miss any you can reschedule again. Each program costs between $200 and $400 and includes support material and certificate. In his web page you can find out about how to enroll and the study methodology.

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Capital Security School

It is a Security school in Miami that offers courses to obtain the D, G license and Requalification endorsed by the State of Florida. Each training consists of 40 teaching hours, includes materials and processing of the necessary license to practice.

Among the advantages of choosing this school is the possibility of taking the course in English or Spanish if you do not speak the language.

Also in one of their programs they include shooting classes and processing of the permit to carry weapons included in the registration. The investment in each course is variable depending on what is required, but in general the rates are very competitive, they are below $200. You can find more information by going to their website.

US Security Academy

It is one of the most complete academies in the area, here you can study different courses to obtain the D license, which is that of an unarmed security officer; the G license which also includes carrying weapons. Additionally, if you just want to learn how to handle weapons for personal use, at this security school in Miami you can take the 24-hour course and obtain your concealed weapon license.

On the other hand, in this school you can also train as an escort or personal guard to offer VIP services. This lasts 24 hours and includes training in carrying weapons. If you are interested in any of these trainings, go to their website for more information.

Any of these security schools in Miami that you choose to train as an escort or security guard will offer you short, accessible programs in your language and the most important thing is that they will provide you with the processing of your licenses at no cost.

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